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Creating your reusable digital identity verification for right to work checks

When you first apply to register with Fulham Nannies we ask all applicants (permanent, temporary, full or part time) to complete a digital identity check through our Fulham Nannies ID Portal to confirm their right to work in the UK. It’s a simple process in which we ask you to capture an image of your passport and a live selfie.

Digital Identity Checks are the new government-approved method to digitally verify the identity of candidates applying for a job.

At Fulham Nannies, we’ve partnered with Yoti as our chosen digital identity verification provider. They provide a safe and convenient way to prove your right to work using digital identification verification. This is free of charge and is quick and easy to use.

Who Is Yoti?

Yoti is a Government Certified Digital Identity company that enables users to verify their identity to organisations. This makes it safer for people to prove who they are when you need to prove your age, identity or other details about yourself with a business or another person, you can securely share just the details required.

What is the Yoti app?

The Yoti app is a free digital identity app that you download to your smartphone for people to prove who they are. The app is free, secure and easy to use and is effectively your ID on your phone. It's designed to make it simple to keep your personal details safely stored in the Yoti app, where only you can access them.

Yoti allows you to digitally add your identification document (e.g. take a photo of it) and have a verified, reusable digital identity in just a few minutes that can be used online or in person on your phone to identify yourself in a wide range of scenarios.

The Yoti app is entirely separate from the Fulham Nannies ID portal and your digital ID remains in your full control at all times, only shared with Fulham Nannies if and when you choose to do so.

What you’ll need to set up your Yoti ID

You’ll need:

  • a valid (in-date) UK or Irish passport (including Irish passport cards)
  • a smartphone

How to set up your Yoti

To create your Yoti ID you’ll need to:

1. Download the free Yoti app onto your smartphone

  • visit the App Store for iOS (Apple) or Google Play for Android:

Important Note: The Yoti app cannot be downloaded to tablets or desktop computers.

If you already have the Yoti app you can just scan the QR code on Fulham Nannies ID portal page and add your passport ID to verify your right to work in the UK.

2. Create your Yoti account

  • Open the Yoti app on your smartphone
  • Add 'Photo' and 'Full Name'
  • Create your 5-digit PIN
  • Add your valid passport (wait a short while your scan is reviewed in real time)
  • Complete the process by sending your verification to the Fulham Nannies ID Portal (you'll be asked for a face-scan to verify it's you that's sending your details)

This short video also provides a step-by-step guide to creating your digital ID account:

What if I can’t use Yoti?

We understand that some Candidates might not want or be able to use the Yoti app. That’s no problem. Digital ID verification isn’t mandatory and in these circumstances you will be given the option to go through a manual ID verification process if you would prefer to do so.

Backup and recover your account on a new phone

It’s important to back up your account in case you lose your device, or if you get a new phone and need to access your Yoti account from your old device before using it on your new phone. To backup and recover your account:

  1. login to your Yoti app and select more tab, then settings
  2. select account settings and then my recovery file
  3. on your new phone, you can recover your account opening Yoti and selecting the already have an account option
  4. select restore and follow the steps
  5. you will be asked to take a photo and record a short video as part of the recovery process

What happens to my data if I uninstall the app?

If you uninstall the app without deleting your account, you lose the link to your data. As you are the only person who can link your data together, we won’t be able to manually delete your data. Your data will remain in our system for three years. Anyone who checked your Yoti will keep the receipts of when they interacted with you through Yoti.

Can someone else access my Yoti using my phone?

Your Yoti is protected by multi-factor authentication. It’s linked to your phone, protected by a PIN and linked to your facial biometrics. So if someone else had your phone, they would need to know your PIN or have the same face as you. Your Yoti is secured with a 5-digit PIN and for every wrong guess at it, the length of time to try again increases to prevent brute force attacks.

What data does Yoti store about me?

Your Yoti stores any information that you have validated and added to Yoti, such as your name and date of birth. Your Yoti also stores a record of who you have shared your Yoti with and whose details you have received. This information is encrypted before it is securely stored, and cannot be seen by Yoti.

Find out more about Yoti ID here.

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