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Getting the right childcare advice can make all the difference.

Childcare options - Nannies & Maternity Nurses

If you're considering employing a nanny or maternity nurse and still deciding which option might best suit you and your family, we hope the following information will help you with comparing the choices.

There are two main types of nannies - here's the difference.

Knowing the difference between the two main types of nannies, Live-in and Live-out, should help parents select the best kind that fits with their situational needs. Live-out nannies, also called daily nannies, will present to the family's home daily. Live-in nannies, also called residential nannies, will normally reside in the family home.


Both types work inside the family home caring for the children, offering a safe, encouraging, and stimulating atmosphere while attending to all the child's everyday needs. A nanny will promote early years educational and social development working with children by arranging age-appropriate activities while in their charge.

Childcare solutions

We deliver a range of home childcare solutions: Live-in or Live-out, temporary and permanent, part-time or full-time.

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Live-out Nannies (Daily Nannies)

Daily nannies in London generally work between 7:30 am or 8:00 am and 7:00 pm, arriving before the parents leave for work, and in time to prepare the children breakfast, help them with dressing, and to do the school run if required.

Live-in Nannies (Residential Nannies)

Live-in nannies in London will perform the same duties as the daily Live-out nanny but can provide even more flexibility; usually working from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, as well as babysitting twice a week.

A Live-in nanny is more cost-effective, requiring less salary, as they're provided with board and lodging by the family. The nanny accommodation is usually at least their own bedroom and bathroom and can be a good childcare option for the family if the home has enough space.
Nanny agreement

Working alongside families and professionals

To bring you together and make the right match – We give you expert help with nanny contracts and payroll advice and will continue to provide support to you when your newly appointed nanny has started working with your family, ensuring everything is going smoothly and answering any questions you may have along the way.

Nanny Duties - Job Description

During the day a nanny will attend to all nursery duties, as well as keeping the little one's bedrooms, bathrooms, and playrooms hygienic and orderly, and bed linen and towels fresh. An experienced nanny will similarly do the child's washing and ironing, and shop and cook balanced meals. They will regularly tidy up after the children and ensure that before the parents return there is the calm atmosphere of a peaceful home with toys packed away and children freshly bathed and ready in their pyjamas.

Home childcare professionalism

Depending on the age of the baby or child, the nanny can also make up formula and sterilise baby bottles, making certain the continuation of the babies feeding and napping routine. Daily nannies or Live-in nannies should be able to make and batch freeze purees from scratch, and plan, shop, and cook nourishing healthy meals for older children. Nannies will additionally take the children out on a daily basis to parks, classes, play-dates, play groups etc and in so doing the nanny will support their physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual development. With older children, nannies will be on hand to supervise homework assignments.

Book a maternity nurse.

We also arrange maternity nurse assignments - providing specialist newborn nursing care, knowledge and expertise.

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Maternity nurses are normally booked months in advance so it's important to book early.

Holiday Nannies & Bilingual Nannies

Nannies can also sometimes travel with the family if required and it is normal to find nanny candidates from a diversity of nationalities, including the UK, who can support children in another language, however, all nannies need to be able to speak fluent English.

Personalised Childcare

Thanks to our solid reputation for delivering good nanny services in South West London and West London, we're able to attract some of the very best Maternity Nurses and Nannies for families with little ones.

Nannies give personalised early years childcare

Contrasted with day nursery provision where it's improbable that carers can give children their exclusive attention for very long, nannies provide little ones with individualised care. Likewise, having a nanny at home allows parents to attend work if a child is sick and unable to attend school or nursery. It's reassuring for parents to know that their little ones are with a responsible trustworthy adult who they can feel safe with.

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Temporary Nannies | Emergency Nannies

In London, temporary nannies are booked for a variety of reasons.

A temporary nanny may work for just a few days as an emergency nanny or they may be booked for a few months depending on the childcare requirements of the family.

A temporary nanny can be Live-in or daily (Live-out) and can also travel with the family. Temporary nannies also work as proxy parents should the parents need to travel away for a weekend or even a week.

Part-time Nannies

In London, part-time nannies work between one to four days each week (minimum of 4 hours per day) and are a good option for parents who may themselves work part-time or perhaps just need a few days of childcare provision per week.

Part-time nannies can be hired on a permanent or temporary basis and are normally always booked to Live-out like daily nannies.

Fulham Nannies Agency help you find the best temporary, permanent, full-time and part-time nannies, Live-in or Live-out nannies in London.

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We find the best Live-out Daily Nannies, Live-in Nannies, Full-time or Part-time Nannies, Permanent and Temporary Nannies in South West & West London.

Nanny Sharing

If you're considering a flexible nanny sharing arrangement we can advise you with all the information needed to decide whether a nanny sharing arrangement is right for you. It's not always as straightforward or easy to find a sharing partner, there are pros and cons, but if you would like to share a nanny in London we'll certainly do our best to help organise a nanny sharing arrangement with you.

A nanny share is when two families jointly hire the same nanny to care for their little ones. This arrangement can offer a more inexpensive way to have a childcare professional taking care of your little ones. This arrangement is usually more practical if each family live near to each other and are friends who also share similar views concerning the childcare of their children. Nannies who work for two families in a sharing arrangement - providing childcare for both parents, normally set their fee slightly higher than working with a sole family (similar to a temporary nanny will set their fee). However, nanny shares have increased in popularity with parents, as a nanny share can be a sensible childcare option for many families seeking to access the service of a professional nanny in London.

Nanny sharing

Agree a schedule and job description for sharing your nanny's services

The arrangement for a nanny share can be established in the house of one of the parents, or the nanny can move between both parents houses; or two part-time parents may devise and agree a nanny schedule to take turns to use the nanny on different days.

Maternity Nurses

Maternity nurses can support and advise parents with any issues concerning common post-natal worries such as breastfeeding, reflux, feeding, or sleeping issues, as well as being trained to spot any abnormalities. This is hugely reassuring for parents who can ask all the questions that seem to always pop up, and have a professional on hand to answer and advise.

They can instruct new parents around every aspect of baby care and are capable to be left alone with new babies, enabling parents to go out to dinner in the evening or run day time errands. They will also look after the cleanliness of the nursery, bottles, and any breastfeeding equipment. They will ensure the mother has regular snacks and adequate liquids, as well as undertaking the baby's nappies, bathing, and laundry. They do not look after older children or do general housework, although they will involve all members of the family with the care of the baby.

Nanny sharing
A maternity nurse will work 24 hours, with a few hours break, usually for five or six days a week, and are usually booked for between two weeks or up to three months duration, allowing parents to get a good night's sleep. They're often fully booked for three to six months ahead so it's important to book early. Most parents feel that booking a maternity nurse in London is a wonderful and reassuring investment for their little ones!

Maternity Nannies & Night Nannies

A night nanny or a maternity nanny is an alternative to a maternity nurse. A night nanny in London works nights only and in so doing they allow the parents to catch up on sleep. Night nannies are regular nannies with newborn experience and are not trained to the same level of specialism as in the way that maternity nurses do. They're not typically required to set a routine, but instead just to sleep in the little one's room and feed/settle the baby during the night.

Night nannies are less expensive than a maternity nurse and can be a good childcare option for parents who already have children and do not need help with routine planning but would just like a good night's sleep!
Nanny sharing

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