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Nanny Duties

Nanny duties (nursery duties) normally involve the performance of all work concerning the child's needs.

Nanny duties includes:

Hiring Nannies: Please note nanny duties do not normally include cooking for parents or household cleaning, however some nannies may be happy to shop for the family, dog walk or perform similar agreed duties by prior arrangement.

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What do Nanny duties mean in London

Nannies in the UK carry out nursery duties only for the children in their charge and do not generally perform household cleaning or adults laundry. Nannies from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa tend to have a more flexible relaxed approach to nanny duties and this is very welcomed by many families in the UK. While Nannies from the USA or Canada may be used to doing all housekeeping duties as part of being a nanny and they should find the reduced duties quite a refreshing change!

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A Good Nanny Should...

Good nannies typically view things the same way!

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Nanny Employer Responsibilities

If you decide to hire a nanny you must remember that you will be the nanny's employer and instantly have a set of responsibilities to your employee.

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when you hire a nanny

The main consideration when hiring a nanny is to find the best person for the job, but please keep in mind that as an employer there are certain things you should know:

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A Nanny Contract of Employment

Once an offer of employment has been accepted we will assist you to organise contracts if requested, or you can simply customise our standard contract of employment.

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If you are hiring a nanny and you would like to be sent our sample nanny contract of employment please follow the link below to our Contact Us page and we will send by return

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When you hire a nanny, you are required by law to issue your nanny with what are called written Particulars of Employment within the first eight weeks of commencement of employment.

The written Particulars of Employment are:

Nanny Interview Checklists

To help you conduct a thorough interview before you hire a nanny

Make sure you ask open-ended questions when interviewing

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What are the duties and responsibilities of a nanny working for you and your family