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Fulham Nannies is an independent agency - we introduce childcare professionals to families and organisations in South West London and West London.

Good nanny and family relations
Our services are free to try with zero obligation and no sign-up fees. When you're ready, find out for yourself what makes our services so special!
Moira Walsh Childcare Recruitment Consultant | Fulham Nannies London

About me

I began my professional career in childcare after the birth of my son over three decades ago, at which time I became fully aware of the challenges of balancing work and family, and the importance of stable childcare figures in our children’s lives.

We value our reputation

In 2007 I decided to set up a nanny recruitment service, which I named Fulham Nannies, and focus on delivering a boutique service that larger agencies were simply not providing - where all our customers are valued as individuals, listened to and understood.

Swift Fly The Years!

Now - fast-forward to 2020, I'm still very much in love with my work and Fulham Nannies continues to provide a truly bespoke service to families and professionals.

Childcare is one of those things in life that cannot be deferred and one of the most important investments for any family. I love the challenge of working with parents to achieve successful hires - meeting their exact needs, and I'm always thrilled to know we help so many nannies find rewarding professional positions.

Hiring a nanny?

We find your perfect nanny

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Working alongside families and professionals

To bring you together and make the right match – Whether you're seeking to hire a private maternity nurse, a one-time emergency nanny, a nanny to travel with you, or a daily or Live-in nanny, we'll use our wealth of experience and insight to match you with the best skilled childcare professionals for your situation.

If you're a nanny or maternity nurse looking for work in South West London or West London we’d love to help you too. We're always looking for talented childcare professionals to represent us. Let us help you find your next nanny job or maternity nurse assignment. Get in touch today!

In the UK, nannies work inside the family home caring for the children in their charge, offering them a safe, encouraging, and nurturing atmosphere while attending to all their everyday needs. Planning the days to be stimulating, educational and include fun activities and outings.

A good nanny should:

  • Be able to plan and arrange safe, fun learning opportunities;
  • Know how to plan and prepare healthy meals and snacks;
  • Have first aid training;
  • Show good organisational skills;
  • Have an interest in children as individuals, and a confident and positive personality;
  • Have experience of working with children of various ages, as a sole charge nanny;
  • Be warm, caring and patient;
There's more about the role of nannies on our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page here, including our answers on 'Why Should I Use A Nanny Agency?' and much more.

Fulham Nannies South West London

Established in 2007, Fulham Nannies has a reputation for providing good nanny services and completely personalised advice and support, while operating to the highest standards and with good working ethics.

Hiring your nanny.

We take time to listen to our customers individual needs, supporting families and nannies right the way through the process of hiring a nanny with Ofsted registration, police checks, first-aid courses, privacy agreements and pretty much any nanny hire related matters.

One of the best-liked nanny agencies in SW London

Moira - the owner, places a real importance on accurately matching candidates to each family and will offer you expert advice on just about any childcare placement queries.

Placements Based On Quality Not Quantity

With Fulham Nannies, clients can interview as many candidates as they like. You have no obligation, and there are no sign up fees. Fulham Nannies is a member of The The Association Of Nanny Agencies and their intimate, family-like structure is underpinned by a "quality not quantity" spirit which means that you pay no VAT.

We build long-standing partnerships

The service provided by Fulham Nannies outstretches to ongoing support - so we're on hand from the very beginning of each placement and beyond, for as long as required.

If you're based in South West London or West London and would like to discuss any aspect of employing a nanny or finding work as a nanny - please get in touch today. We'd love to help!

Association of nanny agencies


ANA's nationally accepted criteria for nanny recruitment agencies to work to are based on a set of best practice principles formed as a result of consultation with over fifty agencies in London and the UK wide.


Parents justifiably demand a high standard of service, and nannies deserve the respect these Standards provide.


Most importantly, these principles aim to ensure that agencies who are members of The Association Of Nanny Agencies are committed to responding to your request for childcare quickly and efficiently, taking the time required to best match your needs with the most suitable nannies available to care for your little ones.


Fulham Nannies Association of Nanny Agencies member logo
Moira Walsh Childcare Recruitment Consultant | Fulham Nannies, London
  • A nationally recognised and reputable agency
  • Registered with the ICO for Data Protection
  • Complies with its insurance and legal responsibilities
  • Part of an Association of independent but like-minded Nanny Recruitment Agencies, with shared aims and standards.
  • An Agency that follows our codes of Best Practice.
  • All Applicants are interviewed in person
  • References are taken and verified on each Applicant
  • Enhanced DBS checks are applied for as appropriate
  • Ensures that they select and put forward the best and most suitable applicants for a position
  • Only advertises genuine vacancies, with genuine salaries.
  • Will assist a Client with a generic contract of employment and other legally required papers.
  • Will advise a Nanny concerning further Training and Ofsted registration where appropriate.

Our advice to nannies looking for work

Fulham Nannies advises all our childcare professionals to be careful when using web-based nanny agencies to find work. Always use a reputable agency service. If you're in any doubt you should register with an ANA approved consultant.

Job-seeking experience

For peace of mind and professionalism, always register with an ANA registered agency. ANAUK approved recruitment agencies not only provide the best employment finding services, but they're guaranteed bona fide and are regularly monitored by ANA to ensure you are working with an agency of the very best level of service standards.


Making standards matter

Fulham Nannies is a registered member of The Association of Nanny Agencies (ANA) working with families to find nannies in South West London and West London.

Good quality service, advice & support

Quality not Quantity

We're absolutely passionate about delivering a friendly and trustworthy service that maintains a focus on good customer experience.

As a former childcare professional myself, I had registered with a number of recruitment agencies during my career, but I became increasingly dissatisfied with the often impersonal, conveyor-belt treatment by some of the larger nanny agencies in London toward their nannies and parents.

Having done the job myself, I decided to start my own local agency service, focussing exclusively on South West London and West London, and underpinned by that personal touch that the mass-market agencies weren't fulfilling.

Hiring a nanny is a very important decision, particularly hiring for the first time, and we take that seriously, and work hard to make your experience successful and as easy as possible.


If you choose to hire a nanny through our agency then we continue our service to you completely throughout the whole duration of the placement, and we're easily accessible too!

We stay open later than most other nanny agencies in London making busy parents lives as easy as possible with good quality advice on finding a nanny and hiring a nanny in London. We help with employment contracts, payroll services, and any questions you may have during the process of hiring a nanny for your family. So if you're going to hire a nanny in London please give Fulham Nannies a call today and we'll be delighted to see how we can help you find a childcare professional for your family.

Matching the right nanny

We understand how important it is to find the right nanny that's best for you and your family, and we've gained plenty of experience and success at sourcing and placing good nanny professionals when you need one.

Why should I use a nanny agency?

Some risks just aren't worth the worry when it comes to finding the care you can trust for your family. It may well be possible to find someone to work for your family entirely on your own - if you can commit the time to post your job and manage the responses, yes, you can achieve the end means. If you're a super busy parent and don't have the time to trawl through what can sometimes be a blizzard of unsuitable applicants, then you can engage a reputable nanny agency to help you instead. They'll do the hard work, give you peace of mind, and find professional nannies with the experience and interest who're actively looking for your type of vacancy.
It's free for families and nannies to register with us and use our agency services. Families are only charged an agency fee if they hire a nanny who we've introduced to them.
For a Permanent Engagement, there is a one-time agency fee of 10% of the equivalent gross annual salary of the nanny. For a Temporary Engagement or a Maternity Nurse, the agency fee is £30 per day for each day booked (minimum 4 hours per day) up to 3 days per Week; or £100 per week for bookings of 4 or more days per week. We only invoice you for an agency fee once a nanny accepts your job offer. If you don't find the right person to hire there's nothing to pay - no hidden commitments or obligations. See our Terms here for more information.
We're continually in touch with a wide network of applicants, candidates and professionals, we also have good nannies who find us through word-of-mouth recommendations. Additionally, we advertise on our website, social media, and through other trusted mediums, and regularly email our current jobs list to subscribed candidates.
We invite all applicants for an in-person registration interview with us, during which we look at original documents to verify their identity, right-to-work in the UK, enhanced criminal record certification, any professional registration or licence, and qualifications. We look for appropriate skills and experience as well as their levels of application, interest, and personality. Finally, we speak to ex-employers to confirm their employment history & references.
An Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check (DBS) in the UK is undertaken by the police and looks at the complete criminal history of an individual going back to childhood to establish clearance for people working with vulnerable adults and children. It's not compulsory for nannies to have a DBS, but is a standard requirement for the profession. Overseas applicants need to have valid certificates of good conduct from the relevant embassies of any country where they've lived for 12 months or more in the 5 years before the date of a nanny job application, while aged 18 or over.
If the nanny leaves your job within the first 8 weeks of a Permanent Engagement or within 2 days of a Temporary Nanny or Maternity Nurse Engagement, we will find you a replacement at no additional cost to you. Please read our Terms here for our full terms.
Yes. It's always a good idea for the family and nanny to arrange at least one trial day before committing to an engagement. We provide more information about the importance of trial day's here.
We provide our nanny services in Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Wandsworth, Westminster, Lambeth, Southwark, City of London, Islington, Merton, Richmond upon Thames, Kingston upon Thames, and Ealing.

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Monday - Friday: 08:00 AM - 09:00 PM

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