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Did your usual nanny call in sick? You can't take the time off work and just stay home and you have a full schedule to get through. What do you do when the nanny is sick? You could hire an experienced and reliable temporary nanny to fill in for you instead. Fulham Nannies find you just the right people for your job.

Moira Walsh is Fulham Nannies owner and Childcare Recruitment Consultant
July 09, 2021

Last Minute Childcare Just When You Need It

Originally published by Moira Walsh on: July 09, 2021
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Fulham Nannies Temporary Childcare Recruitment

Temporary Nannies can step in and provide professional childcare at short notice

Short-term or fixed-term bookings can be for a variety of reasons, a nanny may be needed to work for just a few days in an emergency or to fill-in for several months depending on the requirements of the family.

Whether you need childcare for a day, several days, weeks or months a temporary nanny will provide you with professional cover for as long or as short as you require.

A temporary nanny will normally live-out, but the family can request a nanny to live-in if the assignment is for an extended period. Temporary nannies can also work as proxy parents should the parents need to travel away for a weekend or even longer.

For your peace of mind

All nannies, whether they work on a temporary or permanent basis, have an ID and enhanced police check and their supporting documentation such as first aid documents checked, and previous employers are called and references verified.

Temporary nanny pre-employment checks
A temporary Nanny has the same checks as a permanent nanny.

It makes no difference if they're looking after your child for half a day, six weeks or for the foreseeable future, all nannies will have the same checks and must reach the same standards.

Why work as a temporary nanny?

Nannies opt to work as temps for all sorts of reasons. It could be because they enjoy the variety of experience and the freedom to stop and start that temping and emergency assignments bring. It could be because they teach and their school has broken up for holidays. Quite often it's during the period when a nanny is in between jobs, waiting for their new job to start. Some like to work as a temp when their families go on holiday or when they take leave themselves. Others temp as they may only have short periods left on their visas.

In any event, temporary nannies are used to being more flexible and hitting the ground running, and because you don’t have time to show them everything they get used to being very quick learners and tend to gain lots of experience with different age groups. Their rates are usually slightly higher than regular nannies, and long-term temporary bookings mean they become entitled to holidays which they accrue just as any other employee would.

temporary nanny holding small pram
However long you need a nanny we can find just the right person for the job.

Short-Term Temporary Childcare

Parents sometimes find they need a temporary childcare arrangement for all sorts of reasons. This can be because their newly appointed nanny isn't ready to start their job with them just yet - while working out a notice period with their existing employer. Some families like to take a nanny along on their family holiday to help with the children and have someone to babysit while they go for dinner in the evening. Sometimes an emergency nanny is needed if a work-at-home parent becomes ill or their regular nanny is sick.

Temporary nannies can bring along something fresh to the family perhaps adding a little tweak to the routine that's incorporated after they leave. Or bring new input into ways of doing anything from new meals or creative play, to behaviour management. However, nannies that are employed temporarily don’t tend to go in with all guns blazing trying to change the world in two weeks. Their role is short-term, to step in and provide consistency and stick to the present routine so as to keep the children feeling secure, especially if there's a new baby due for instance.

Temporary nanny jobs can be perfect for some childcare professionals at certain times of life, and for others it is an on-going career choice. Whereas for parents being able to find last-minute quality childcare can feel like a life-saving resource during difficult times.

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Looking for a driving nanny?

temporary nanny service london drive iq programme
Driver safety & compliance

The Nanny Drive iQ programme, on offer to nannies across the UK, is a virtual online experience of driving in all conditions, to reassure parents that the person entrusted with driving their children has the right skills and confidence to drive safely with children in the back.


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