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Emergency & temporary nanny recruitment service

When you need temporary childcare cover quickly, turn to an agency service you can trust and recommend: Fulham Nannies is your independent, local home childcare recruitment consultancy - dedicated to making lasting connections.

Do you need last minute childcare?

Finding a good nanny is well worth the search!

Whether you need temporary childcare cover for only a little time or to hire a Live-in or Live-out nanny for a specific period, we can find just the right person for the job.


We help you make the right hire | fully-vetted, reference-checked & qualified.

Temporary nanny hire - fully-vetted Live-in and Live-out local nannies.

For whatever reason you have a temporary need for childcare, a temporary nanny will provide professional care services to your family on a part-time or full-time basis for as long or as short as you require.

Temporary nanny pre-employment checks

For your peace of mind

We're here to provide the best nanny recruitment services that works for you and your family.

Hire a nanny with confidence

Whether you need temporary assistance for a day, several days, weeks or months.

Temporary nanny
Emergency & Temporary Nannies are the same as a permanent nanny.
  • Minimum two years of childcare experience

  • Minimum of two fully checkable references from previous employers

  • Minimum of two proofs of identity: Passport, Drivers Licence, Birth Certificate, Work Permits/Visas.

  • Current and valid Enhanced DBS check or appropriate international police checks

  • Inspection of original childcare certificate(s) of qualification and other relevant certificates

  • Up-to-date Paediatric First Aid Training certificate (or willing to undertake an Paediatric First Aid Course)

  • Full UK working rights (full valid UK work visa)

  • Fluent in English language

  • Ofsted Registered or willing to register (desirable but not mandatory)

  • Clean driving licence valid in the UK (desirable but not mandatory)

For more information about temporary nannies and other childcare options, please follow the link button below.

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Temporary Nannies

Temporary Nannies go through all the same checks as Permanent Nannies.

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Temporary nannies are not babysitters.

They're interviewed in person, have their police check, ID, and first aid documents checked, and their verbal referees are called and verified.

It makes no difference if they're looking after your child for half a day, six weeks or as a permanent nanny, the temporary nanny will have the same checks and must reach the same standards as permanent nannies.

Why do some nannies work as temps?

Nannies opt to work as temps for all sorts of reasons. It could be because they enjoy the variety of experience and the freedom to stop and start that temping and emergency nanny jobs bring. It could be because they are a teacher in their school holidays or a nanny whose new job is not starting for a month or so. Some permanent nannies like to work as a temp when their families go on holiday or when they take leave themselves. Others temp because they only have short periods left on their visas such as some of the Australian nannies.

Focused on being flexible, temporary nannies are used to hitting the ground running and usually have lots of experience with different age groups. You don’t have time to show them everything and so they need to be quick learners. Temp nannies charge the same as regular nannies, and long-term temp bookings mean they are entitled to holidays which they accrue just as any other nanny would.

Short-term temporary childcare

Parents require short term temporary childcare for a variety of reasons. This can be because a nanny is not ready to start the job just yet, as they have to work out a notice period with their previous employer. Some families just like to take a nanny along for their own holiday so they can have a hand with the children and someone to babysit while they go for dinner in the evening. Occasionally, emergency nannies are used if a stay at home parent is ill or the regular nanny is sick.

Temporary nannies can bring along something fresh to the family perhaps adding a little tweak to the routine that is incorporated after they leave. Or bring new input into ways of doing anything from new meals or creative play, to behaviour management. However, nannies that are employed temporarily don’t tend to go in with all guns blazing trying to change the world in two weeks. Their role is short-term, to step in and provide consistency and stick to the present routine so as to keep the children feeling secure, especially if there is a new baby due for instance.

Temporary nanny jobs can be perfect for some childcare professionals at certain times of life, and for others it is an on-going career choice. Whereas for parents being able to find last-minute quality childcare can feel like a life-saving resource during difficult times.

Looking for a driving nanny?

temporary nanny service london drive iq programme

The Nanny Drive iQ programme on offer to nannies across the UK is a virtual online experience of driving in all conditions, to reassure parents that the person entrusted with driving their children has the right skills and confidence to drive safely with children in the back.

See also Things to consider when looking for a Driving NannyBy Moira Walsh Jan 04, 2018 Fulham Nannies.

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