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The way we find you the right care

Deciding to let someone new help you with your childcare at home is a major step, and can be difficult to know where to start. That's where we can help.

How we find families their perfect nanny July 14, 2020


Find a nanny step by step

To get going, here's a step by step guide to our nanny recruitment process, throughout which we support and keep you fully informed at every turn.

When you're ready, head over to our Parents Registration page and fill out your information. It's free to register your childcare position without any obligation. Find out for yourself how we can help you in your search to find a nanny for your family.

1. Brief us about your needs

We work closely with you to know what you're looking for and better understand any situational factors that can help us tailor our candidate searches. Being honest and giving you our best intelligence on existing hiring conditions, current supply of candidates for your job, and around key considerations such as typical pay levels that help to attract the type of nanny candidates you're looking to engage.

2. Family registration

To complete the initial consultation we ask you to register with us through our online form. You'll need to read our Terms & Conditions and provide the required information about your vacancy. Once signed and submitted we'll get going with our candidate search.

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3. Candidate attraction & search

Now that we've defined your role requirements this is where we begin our proactive search for a nanny with the knowledge, skills and relevant experience, and cultural fit needed for the role. We're constantly in touch with applicants, candidates and professionals, and good nannies find us. We advertise on our website, on social media platforms; we regularly email our current nanny jobs list to subscribers, and we source through other trusted mediums.

4. Screening & matching

It’s really important to us that we only ever present nanny professionals who fit with your defined role and who are very much interested in the position. On that basis, we identify potential hires and hand-pick candidates who we believe are well-suited for your job and invite them for a registration interview with us.

Find a nanny step by step guide
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5. Registration interview (vetting & fact-checking

The registration interview lasts up to an hour, sometimes longer depending on the applicants' needs. This is an opportunity for us to gain a good understanding of each nanny and learn about their work preferences and flexibility, and it gives us a better sense of the person and their overall suitability. We also look at original documents to verify identity, right-to-work in the UK, enhanced criminal record certification, and professional registration or licence, and qualifications. Finally, we make calls to confirm employment history & references.

6. Introduction to candidates

Initially, we introduce you to candidates by sending their formatted CV toghether with our interview notes, an assessment summary, and any written verbal references we've obtained. We will always advise you of any checks that are still being done.

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7. Family & nanny interview

We handle all the scheduling of interviews, communicate and relay feedback and, if requested, assist you with a contract for the nanny, typical nanny duties, salary negotiations, or any other support we can provide. There's no magic number of candidates that any given family should see. Some jobs attract lots of candidates, some jobs very few.

8. Trial day & second interview

If you're hiring a nanny for a long period - temporary or permanent nanny, we recommend a trial day before deciding who to employ. While it's true that good nannies don’t stay on the market for long, choosing your nanny should not be rushed. Read about trial days here. Second interviews are another way to help inform your decision.

9. Choose your nanny

Offer & acceptance, Trial days, 2nd interview. If you decide you are ready to make an offer send an email to the successful candidate, and to us, confirming your job offer, starting date, and remuneration. There is no committent to hire a nanny.

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10. Agency fee

We only invoice you for an introduction fee once our candidate accepts your job offer. If you don't find the right person to hire there's nothing to pay - no hidden commitments or obligations. In fact, we often advise our clients with hard-to-find jobs or during market shortages that it's a good strategy to register with a couple of nanny agencies in order to tap into their networks simultaneously.

11. Employment contract & payroll services

We can help clients and candidates to finalise the engagement and provide any support you may need, including free draft contract of employment. If it's your first time employing a nanny we can recommend selected nanny payroll services who will do all the payroll calculations and provide you with pay slips for your nanny - making the whole process of hiring a nanny a good deal easier.

12. Beyond the placement

After your nanny starts their employment with you we'll check-in with both of you to make sure everything is going smoothly and assist you in any way you need. Once again a little further down the road, and beyond for as long as we're needed.

We handle the recruitment process from beginning to end, keeping track of all tasks and feedback - as would be expected using an agency service, meaning you save more of your valuable time and can concentrate on deciding which individual will get your job done the best.

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