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April 3, 2019

Moira understood my requirements immediately, carefully selected suitable high calibre and degree educated nannies and arranged for interviews with five excellent candidates within a week. I could have not asked for better customer understanding and dedication. Should I require assistance for a nanny / housekeeper at some point in the future, my first choice will be Moira at Fulham Nannies.

Family with single child and family pet (puppy) in Parsons Green
January 19, 2019

Moira is the first person I call when I need to find a new position. I have found Moira very prompt in her communications with me, she replies to phone calls and emails as soon as possible (even at weekends). I would definitely recommend Fulham Nannies to nannies and families that are looking for that personal touch.


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Fulham Nannies is a registered agency with The Association of Nanny Agencies (ANA) working with families, childcare professionals and nannies in London

Moira talks to Aspire

Finding that all important childcare to suit each family's unique needs

Since setting up Fulham Nannies in 2007, proprietor Moira Walsh has been successfully matching families with pre-screened childcare professionals across London.

She has quickly grown a solid reputation through providing parents with a truly personalised maternity nurse and nanny placement service tailored to best suit each family's own unique needs. Whether it is a maternity nurse for a newborn, a one-time emergency nanny, a holiday nanny, a part-time nanny or full-time permanent nanny, Moira is able to provide that service.

She comments; "For many years I worked in schools, nurseries and as a nanny myself and so I knew the business and decided to set up on my own. Having done the job myself and had a family too I think I have a good perspective on what is required. I really do know how it feels to go off to work and leave that little one in the hands of someone else." With Moira's own children now grown up and have flown the nest, she is able to dedicate her time to the business. "It is a very 24/7 job and as I work on my own the hours are long but also very rewarding. I feel very essential to the well-being of my clients and their children".

Moira provides dedication, understanding and experience to match people with the best childcare professional for their situation!

Whilst the business has grown over the years and is now well established and known in the Fulham area, Moira prides herself on still offering a very personal service and, together with her clients and nannies, she feels she is part of one big family. In fact, my first client was the lady that I worked for as a nanny!". Moira takes great care to guide her families through the whole process of matching childcare professionals to particular needs and can offer advice on pretty much any nanny related questions at any point in the process. "All our nannies are always interviewed face-to-face in person (2021 update: interviews online via video link), and the time is spent finding out more about our candidates, their personality, views on caring for children (i.e discipline, nutrition, educational activities etc) and their plans for the future. We also spend time thoroughly checking and confirming work history, performance, qualifications, and DBS Police Checks status."

Moira plans to continue to grow the business but to also remain happy and enjoy it at the same time.

She lives in Fulham herself and grew up in the area as did her husband and when she is not working she spends time with her grandchildren and takes enormous pleasure in taking them out and about. The combination of experience and of being a mother herself certainly appears to have contributed to the success of the business. Plus the belief that whilst qualifications and experience are important when placing a nanny it is also vital to personality match candidates with clients: "we only ever select and send candidates that we truly believe are suitable."

Two-minute interview with Hammersmith and Fulham Chamber of Commerce

Who are you?

Fulham Nannies has been going for 8 years as a full-time business, and prior to that I was busy gaining valuable experience working as a childcare professional and being a mother of two.

I love the challenge of finding quality childcare for families and I'm always thrilled knowing that we help so many nannies find rewarding professional positions.

What is your connection with the Hammersmith and Fulham Chamber of Commerce?

Fulham Nannies is a local business and we're interested to build upon our relationships and partnerships in our communities. As a member of The Association of Nanny Agencies (ANA), we already actively participate to develop standards and good practice guidance for the childcare profession and thoroughly believe in supporting local.

Where did the original concept for your business come from?

As a former childcare professional myself , I had registered with a number of London based nanny agencies and became quite dissatisfied with an often impersonal, conveyor belt treatment of nannies. Having done the job myself, I decided there was definitely a calling to start my own local agency, but with a quality not quantity business approach.

Which one business achievement over the last 12 months are you most proud of and why?

I am delighted with our high rate of business referrals from our parents and nannies, this has helped our business tremendously and allowed us to explore new local business engagements with our marketing budget.

If there is one thing I hate about my job it's...

Sitting at my desk too long!

If you were advising a young entrepreneur which business person would you suggest as a model?

Michael Lee Aday (AKA Meatloaf): for his personal tenacity in pursuing his business as a musician, for keeping on believing his talent and realising his efforts.

If you could change one thing in your business what would it be and why?

Running a business as a sole proprietor is very satisfying and rewarding in itself, but is undoubtedly pretty hard work and it's not unusual for me to be at my desk from 7am to 10pm at night!

If you were Mayor of London for a day, what would be the first thing you would change?

Draw attention to accessibility of childcare opportunities for families. The cost and flexibility of childcare for parents really does need urgent action.

What does the future hold for your business and how do you intend to capitalise on that?

More and more parents will need access to childcare; it's one of those things in life that cannot be deferred and is actually one of the most important investments for families. So, we intend to continue working with families to recruit household staff, and find nanny jobs for childcare professionals.

Hammersmith & Fulham News

Fulham Nannies Interview With Hammersmith And Fulham News

A Dream Job For Cupid Is Caring For Cherubs.

By Moira Walsh Jan 11, 2018
Hammersmith and Fulham News photo of Fulham Nannies owner Moira Walsh sitting with children
Fulham Nannies owner Moira Walsh sitting down with children

Fulham Nannies Recruitment Services

Fulham Nannies is an evolving small business that is fast becoming popular in South West London.

The business was started in 2007 by Moira Walsh, herself a former nanny and mother of two. As a nanny Moira had registered with a number of agencies and became dissatisfied by the impersonal, conveyor belt treatment experienced by many nannies.

Moira says "we value our nannies as much as our families, and appreciate and value the work that they do". "I think that’s why we have such a great selection of nannies who keep coming back to us".

Moira really enjoys working with the families as well and adds "As I am working as a sole trader at the moment it is always myself who answers the phone, and I will deal personally with the family all the way through the process, knowing where they are up to, and what they want, at every stage." "Parents have told me that they find our local, personal approach very refreshing". "You get so involved with the families, and it’s so nice to get photos of the new babies".

It would seem that the traditional nanny stereotypes of the leggy Swedes or Mrs Doubtfire types are under attack as Moira says.

"Many of our parents are asking for Mannys (male nannies) at the moment, and I think this is great as they have so much to offer". "I am really enjoying running the agency and I still get to hug all the babies who come in to see us!". "I love the challenge of finding last minute or emergency help for parents and I get a huge thrill when I match families up with the perfect nanny, it’s rather like playing cupid in a way!". "If I won the lottery tomorrow, I would carry on with my work, as I find it so rewarding".

Fulham Nannies provides daily or Live-in Nannies, full or part time, temporary from one day upwards, or permanent. Fulham Nannies can also supply Maternity nurses. All of the candidates are extensively screened, CRB checked, and personally interviewed and all references and documents are available to parents. The agency is happy to help with any childcare related questions, and will refer parents to the appropriate bodies, who will then be able to help them with their issues.

It is never a good idea to take a nanny that you don’t really feel happy with because you are panicking about the required start date looming. Temporary nannies may not be the ideal solution for a lot of parents but in certain cases it is the best choice, as it allows you a breathing space while you continue to search for the right person.

Fulham Nannies are a member of the Association of Nanny Agencies. It is free to register and all Hammersmith and Fulham News readers are offered a discount.

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