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Working with children is a challenging but rewarding career. At Fulham Nannies℠ we really can support and help maternity nurses and nannies in your job search. So if you're trying to find a maternity nurse jobs or a nanny job in South London, South West London, West London, or Central London please follow our link below to our registration page to get started!.

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Fulham Nannies are always looking for quality child carers

To help us find the most suitable positions for you we'll need to know your skills, experience, and your working preferences.

We interview all our maternity nurses and nannies face-to-face before we place you on our agency registry. So if you would be interested to register with us please follow the Nanny Registration link below and fill in our nanny agency application form. Once completed please carefully read the declaration at the end of the form before signing and hit the submit button and we will then contact you to arrange an interview.

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At Fulham Nannies good maternity nurses and nannies are our cornerstone

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    We recognise that we can only be as successful as our own candidates.

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    So whether you're looking for a private maternity nurse job, part-time nanny job, temporary, full-time, permanent or anything in between, Fulham Nannies℠ will be happy to do the work in finding you the right job and be available for confidential advice and expert guidance.

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    Having met and personally interviewed you, we will only ever send you to families that are right for you both personally and professionally.


If you love working with children and have decided to register with our agency, we will to do our utmost to help you find maternity care positions and good nanny jobs!

We operate a refined matching process which means we will only ever send you to jobs that are right for you.

Maternity Nurse and Nanny placements in London

We are here to help you with your job search and be available for confidential advice & guidance.

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Moira Walsh, owner of Fulham Nannies℠ nanny agency, London, UK

“ We pride ourselves on being able to offer helpful advice and support to all our candidates, whether you are in the early stages of your professional career and simply seek another opinion to be clear about your skills and strengths, or want assistance with how to improve your CV, or obtain advice on interview techniques, contracts of employment, holiday entitlements, or wish to develop your career as a private maternity nurse or nanny. ”

Moira WalshFulham Nannies℠, London, UK
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Fulham Nannies

Since 2007, Fulham Nannies nanny agency in South West London have quickly grown a solid reputation for good quality service, advice and support.

If you're a childcare professional and contemplating finding nanny work in London our nanny agency offers a range of positions for live-in nanny work, live-out work, permanent nanny jobs and temporary nanny jobs, as well as maternity nurses. Whether you're in the early stages of your career or wish to develop your career as a nanny or maternity nurse we'll be delighted to support you along every step of your job-seeking experience.

If you love working with children and have decided to register with our nanny agency, we will to do our utmost to help you find maternity nurse positions and good nanny jobs!

Whether you're seeking a live-in nanny job or a live-out nanny job? A full-time nanny job or part-time nanny job? Temporary nanny work or permanent nanny work? Apply to register with Fulham Nannies℠ today!


Nanny Link – Training Common Core skills and Consultancy Services

Nanny Link (Training) Ltd is an independent Training, development and consultancy specialising in childcare. Offering training for Common core skills enabling Ofsted registration.We opened in 1996 and have been helping local nannies and families offering personal and professional help for Nannies and Nurseries. We can offer the assurances of over 30 years of experience Margaret who is the founder of Nanny Link is NNEB trained, has worked as a Nanny, Personnel Management, recruitment and a working parent who employed a Nanny. We work with Nanny agencies offering training to their nannies and we have links to their sites so parents and nannies are able to source employment via a reputable agency. Our work extends to the Trading Association for nanny agencies

Our Training Programmes:

Many professionals who have worked in the caring environment such as nursery, teaching, nursing, care, maternity and playgroups often like to look at nanny work as an job choice, it can also be ideal for mums or child-minders who wish to utilise their skills and work in a family home as a nanny. Our training can offer the understanding, requirements, and knowledge to transfer those skills to become a Nanny. Those who have been working as nannies have come to us who have no formal qualifications but wish to show their continued professional development when attending interview. Professional Nanny Training course is perfect for this and cost effective.

We offer a selection of training to nannies and families

  • Professional Nanny Training Cache endorsed learning programme
  • Ofsted approved using common core skills so nannies can become ofsted registered
  • employability ( becoming a nanny and skills and employment opportunities)
  • individual modular training programmes for nannies and families.

Commitment to our training:

Our courses run: full days, evenings and sessional options please see our training available. We have the flexibilty for learners to interact with us via video link so training can be more flexible in time and days meaning training is never impossible and can be done from your home. Unlike internet training we are speaking with you and able to answer queries. Our certificates are FREE no charge once you have completed the training. Many companies offer ‘free’ training but you have to pay to gain the certificate.

What is unique to Nanny Link Training is that all trainers are qualified in childcare and have worked as nannies offering both practical and theory learning. Every successful learner will gain a certificate to show potential parents and able to register with Ofsted. (First aid Training is also required in addition to gain ofsted registration

We deliver a friendly, interactive, and productive class environment. Our focus is to offer face to face interaction with our learners so you can learn from our own experiences but also have the opportunity to discuss matters in the classroom with us there.

Agency Registration Interview

Please bring the following with you when you visit our nanny agency for your registration interview. Please note you cannot be fully registered with Fulham Nannies℠ and introduced to a family until these documents have been verified:

Interview Tips

For a family, hiring a maternity nurse or hiring a nanny is a very important decision and families take it seriously. First and foremost they are looking for somebody that is qualified, experienced, professional, trustworthy, polite, and dependable.

If you are invited to an interview arrive early and dress professionally

Below is a list of important tips that you need to keep in mind when interviewing so you can be sure to make the best impression possible:

Experienced and Qualified Childcare Professionals