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“Since 2007, Fulham Nannies have quickly grown a solid reputation through providing parents with a really personalised nanny placement service tailored to best suit each family's own distinctive needs. Whether you're seeking to hire a private maternity nurse for your little ones, a one-time emergency nanny, a holiday nanny, a part-time nanny or a full-time permanent nanny, live-in or live-out, Fulham Nannies are accessible to help you! We'll give our dedication, understanding, and knowledge, and match you with the best skilled childcare professionals for your situation.... ”

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Looking for a nanny job in London?

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    daily nanny

    If you need someone to work on a daily basis but work fairly long hours, then choose a nanny agency local to where you're living, as in general they'll have a lot of local nannies on their books.

  • part time nanny

    If you're planning on employing a part time nanny but do not have a lot of space in your home for a live in nanny, then a live out nanny (daily nanny) may be a better childcare option for you.

  • permanent, temporary, live-in and live-out nannies

  • Whichever nanny childcare choice you make the most important thing is finding the right nanny for your family, so allow yourself the time to interview a few candidates and do a trial day with those nanny applicants that have impressed you, so as to ensure you've made the best available childcare choice for your specific requirements.

  • Local Nannies...

    using a local nanny agency

    A nanny agency with local nannies on their books has the advantage that their nannies are not having to travel distances after a long day so they'll be less likely to run into traffic and transport travel issues, and in any case it's likely that a local nanny will be more fulfilled in their job and know the local areas parks and playgroups very well.

    Local nannies also tend to have the best nanny networks nearby with ready-made play dates and fun activities for your little ones.

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  • We're very happy to announce that we are now members of the Hammersmith and Fulham Chamber of Commerce (HFCC). The HFCC is a key local business support and networking organisation and is a local branch of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI)

  • As one of a few London-based nanny agency members, Fulham Nannies is delighted to be accepted as a member of this highly regarded body.

  • We're absolutely passionate about providing a friendly and trustworthy service that maintains a focus on“quality not quantity” ...
  • We've learned that you have to surround yourself with quality people. So our link with the Chamber allows us the opportunity to meet with other people who are also committed to promoting and delivering an authentically high standard of service to their customers.

  • London-wide childcare placements

    If you'd like register a nanny job vacancy or maternity nurse position for your little ones please follow the link below to our registration page to get started and see how we can help you:

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How Our Nanny Agency Works

Find just the right nanny for your little ones

Allow us to find a wonderful nanny for your little ones

We believe that our nanny placement service have a number of the very best career nannies from all areas of London, who are genuinely interested about the well-being, development and safety of your little ones. With such a lot of exceptional nannies our job is to carefully match you with the right nanny.

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“ We tend to pride ourselves on our local thinking approach that consistently delivers successful results for our parents and nannies. We would like to be the sole maternity nurse and nanny placement service in London that you can always rely on for the care of your little ones, which we know will only happen if our service delivery is constantly underpinned by professional standards of quality, and by finding the very best nannies available for work in London.... ”

Local expertise for parents and nannies in London

Fulham, Clapham, Putney, Earls Court, Barons Court, Chelsea, Chelsea Harbour, Chelsea Village, Marylebone, Richmond, Barnes, Kingston, Canary Wharf, Holland Park, Notting Hill, Mayfair, Fitzrovia, Hammersmith, Shepherds Bush, Islington, Wandsworth, Chiswick, Kensington, Pimlico, Battersea, Wimbledon, Southfields, Earlfields, Victoria, Westminster

Our South West London nanny agency is focused in all areas of London

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Take a look below at an overview of some of our most recent placements across London:

Hammersmith | Battersea | South Kensington | Clapham | Knightsbridge | Belgravia | Primrose Hill | Fulham | Chelsea | Kensington | Putney | Roehampton | Chiswick | Wandsworth

Explore pro's and cons of becoming a live-in or live-out (daily nanny) in London.

As a Nanny, should I locate in South London, South West London, West London, Central London Or Greater London?

London is a big city and travel and accommodation is very expensive so make sure you're prepared for this. It can take more than an hour to get across the city on the London tube network, and a lot more time on bad transport days. As nanny work is usually a ten or eleven hour day it's important to live in an area near to where the work you're seeking is located. This can be easier said than done as most nanny work is often in the more affluent area's of London where accommodation is more expensive to rent.
Some details

More info about the details.

As a guideline, I would suggest that a good area to locate yourself for nanny work in London would be South London, South West London, West London and Central London. Places like Battersea, Clapham Common, and Clapham Junction in Wandsworth (including nearby Vauxhall in Lambeth), and similarly Brompton, Earl's Court, and South Kensington in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea have great transport links and can get you to many areas of London fairly quickly. Most locations in West London have very good transport links, most notably Hammersmith but also Brook Green and West Kensington in Hammersmith and Fulham.

North London has a pocket of good areas for nanny employers, whereas South East London and East London tend to have less nanny employers. Having said that, East London has been regenerated and continues to change and become more and more affluent, and we're starting to see more Nanny jobs appearing within this area of London.

As you move further off to the outskirts of London there are less nanny jobs and nanny salaries tend to drop a little. However, if you're happy to work as a live-in nanny then you will have no travel concerns as you will receive board and lodging, therefore live-in nanny salaries are lower than daily nanny (live-out nanny) salaries.

If you are a childcare professional

And contemplating moving to London to register with a nanny agency and stand in need of help from someone to point out some of the local resources in London, or would like an informal chat about your next career move, please feel free to contact our agency. We'll be delighted to support you along every step of your job-seeking experience - apply to register with Fulham Nannies today!

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Choosing the right childcare personnel

Whichever nanny childcare choice you make the most important thing is finding the right nanny for your family

Should I choose a Live-in Nanny or Live-out Nanny?

We're often asked this question by parents when they're first deciding which type of nanny is right for their family.

The childcare option that's right for you may simply be prescribed by the extent of space you have available, or it's suitability. Many homes in London are small compared to the amount of space available as you head out towards Greater London and the suburbs. Even if you do have the space, privacy can be an issue for some families so a live in nanny won't necessarily suit everyone.

For other families cost is the deciding factor when choosing between a live-in nanny or live-out nanny, with daily nannies (live-out nanny) working out to be more expensive than their residential counterparts. So let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of both childcare options.

The advantages of a live in nanny are that they're on the premises so they'll typically work longer hours than live out nannies, so it can already be a more flexible childcare choice. Residential nannies will commonly work 7am to 7pm most days, and there are two nights babysitting included in the nannies weekly salary. Whereas as live out nannies do tend to work slightly shorter hours, e.g. 7.30 - 8am to 6.30 - 7 pm. However, as nanny employers own working hours get longer we've seen a trend in London towards daily nannies working longer hours; in some cases working the equivalent of their live-in nanny colleagues. Daily nannies may be happy to babysit from time-to-time, but this arrangement is usually remunerated as extra work and not as part of their regular nanny salary payment.

Naturally, live in nannies would expect board and lodging in the family home and this can mean anything from a bedroom with en-suite bathroom or shared bathroom with the children, to a complete separate apartment for the nanny.

Clearly, those live-in nanny jobs that come with separate accommodation for exclusive use by the nanny, or with a basement area private to the nanny, are the nanny jobs that live-in nanny candidates will be interested in. Even if you only have a loft or nanny floor with a little kitchenette there will be more interest from nannies in the role.

However, most live-in nanny jobs in London do normally come with a bedroom and private bathroom for the nanny, and anything extra is considered a bonus. Certainly in most central south, south west, and west London areas of London that our nanny agency covers, such as Chelsea, Fulham, Kensington, Battersea, Clapham, Putney, Hammersmith, Notting Hill and so on, you'll find this is largely the case. As you move out towards Richmond, Roehampton, Kingston and Wimbledon, and Wandsworth along with others, you'll often find much bigger houses with considerably more space that can be used by families for nanny accommodation. The further away from south west London and central London areas and towards Greater London, nannies salaries tend drop a little.

If you do hire a live in nanny it's very important to be completely clear right at the start as to the agreement with your nanny regarding house rules, so that everyone knows where they stand in relation to use of the home telephone, visitors, and use of the kitchen. Every family is different and as long as everyone is aware of the expectations then all should be fine. Nanny employers often worry that the nanny will want to sit in their living room with them every evening, but this is hardly ever the case, as most nannies are childcare professionals and will value their own free time away from their employer and the work environment. Some live in nannies are happy to go off at weekends if they're not needed during this time, and such an arrangement can work very well for some families. Nanny employers should recognise that their nannies free-time should be respected, so that once their nanny has clocked off for the evening they should be afforded time to relax away from the little ones.

Both live in and live out nannies perform the same duties for the family, and both types of nannies may be happy to travel with the family. Live out nannies could be more flexible to some extent, by arrangement with the nanny, but although live in nannies tend to be more flexible than daily nannies, any babysitting or extra hours still need to be arranged and agreed with your nanny in advance.

Most nanny applicants do tend to favour live out nanny jobs, so if you're offering a live in nanny position it's always prudent to start your nanny search a little earlier than for daily nannies (generally, it's best to allow yourself around 8 weeks to find a live-in or daily nanny) . Many more experienced and mature nanny candidates may often only consider live in nanny jobs that have a distinct private nanny area on offer.

So, if you have the space and need a more flexible nanny then a live in nanny may be the best childcare option for you. live in nannies are also a good option if your budget is a little tight. It's also possible to find part time live in nannies which may be an attractive childcare choice for some nanny employers and nannies.

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