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Choosing between a live in nanny and live out nanny in London
Moira Walsh
Should I choose a live in nanny or live out nanny?

At Fulham Nannies℠ we're often asked this question by parents when they're first deciding which type of nanny is preferred for their family.

The childcare option that's right for your family may simply be prescribed by the extent of space you have available, or it's suitability. Many homes in London are small compared to the amount of space available as you head out towards Greater London and the suburbs. Even if you do have the space, privacy can be an issue for some families so a live in nanny won't necessarily suit everyone.

For other families cost is the deciding factor when choosing between a live in nanny or live out nanny, with the live out nanny working out to be more expensive than their residential counterparts. So let's look at the advantages and disadvantages for hiring both types of nannies.

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Live in nanny or live out nanny!

The merits of employing a residential nanny are that they're on the premises so they'll typically work longer hours than live out nannies, so it can already be a more flexible childcare choice by default. Live in residential nannies will commonly work 7am to 7pm most days, and there are two nights babysitting included in the nannies weekly salary. Whereas as live out nannies in London do tend to work slightly shorter hours, e.g. 7.30 - 8am to 6.30 - 7 pm. However, as nanny employers' own working hours get longer we've seen a trend towards daily nannies in London working longer hours; in some cases working the equivalent of their live-in colleagues. Daily nannies may be happy to babysit from time-to-time, but this arrangement is usually remunerated as extra work and not as part of their regular nanny salary payment.

Naturally, live in nannies would expect board and lodging in the family home and this can mean anything from a bedroom with en-suite bathroom or shared bathroom with the children, to a complete separate apartment for the nanny.

Clearly, those residential nanny jobs that come with separate accommodation for exclusive use by the nanny, or with a basement area private to the nanny, are the jobs that most residential nannies will be interested in. Even if you only have a loft or nanny floor with a little kitchenette there will be more interest from nannies in the role.

Nanny Accommodation

Most job positions for Live in Nannies in London do normally come with a bedroom and private bathroom for the nanny, and anything extra is considered a bonus. Certainly in most central south, south west, and west areas of London that our nanny agency covers, such as Chelsea, Fulham, Kensington, Battersea, Clapham, Putney, Hammersmith, Notting Hill and so on, you'll find this is largely the case. As you move out towards Richmond, Roehampton, Kingston and Wimbledon, or Wandsworth along with others, you'll often find much bigger houses with considerably more space that can be used by families for nanny accommodation. The further away from south west London and central London areas and towards Greater London nanny salaries tend drop a little.

If you do hire a residential nanny it's very important to be completely clear right at the start as to the agreement with your nanny regarding house rules, so that everyone knows where they stand in relation to use of the home telephone, visitors, and use of the kitchen. Every family is different and as long as everyone is aware of the expectations then all should be fine. Nanny employers often worry that the nanny will want to sit in their living room with them every evening, but this is hardly ever the case, as most nannies are childcare professionals and will value their own free time away from their employer and the work environment. Some residential nannies are happy to go off at weekends if they're not needed during this time, and such an arrangement can work very well for some families. Nanny employers should recognise that their nannies free-time should be respected, so that once their nanny has clocked off for the evening they should be afforded time to relax away from the little ones.

Both types of nannies perform the same duties

Both types of nannies may be happy to travel with the family. Live out nannies could be seen as more flexible to some extent, by arrangement with the nanny, but although residential nannies tend to be more flexible than live out nannies in London, any babysitting or extra hours still need to be arranged and agreed with your nanny in advance.

Most career nannies do tend to favour live out nanny jobs, so if you're offering a live in position it's always prudent to start your nanny search a little earlier than with looking for live out nannies (generally, it's best to allow yourself around 8 weeks to find a live-in or daily nanny). Many more experienced or mature nanny professionals may often only consider live in jobs that have a distinct private nanny area on offer.

So, if you have the space and need a more flexible nanny arrangement then a live in residential nanny may be the best childcare option for you. Residential nannies are also a good option if your budget is a little tight. It's also possible to find part time residential nannies which may be an attractive childcare choice for some nanny employers.

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